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ZP-19 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Product Description

ZP19 is widely used in the industry of calcium tablet manufacturing, milk tablet pressing, confectionery, metallurgy, and some chemical components production. This machine presses not only round tablets, but also different geometrical shape tablets from various kinds of granular materials, especially for small-scale batch production.
The machine was awarded with High Quality Product issued by State Medicine Administrative Bureau of China.
1. It is featured that 19 pairs of dies, so 19 tablets can be pressed at only one turn of the turret.2. The turret speed, filling depth of material, and the tablet thickness are adjustable.3. A damaged of overload would never happen controlled by a buffer unit.

4. Powder-absorbing box is installed to one side of the machine. It may absorb the powder from the operation of the machine via suction port to avoid bonding and clogging.

Technical Data of ZP19.

Dies (Sets) 19
Capacity(PCS/h) 20400-40000
Max. Pressure 40kn 50kn
Max. Dia. Of Tablet 12mm
Max. Depth of Fill(mm) 15
Max. Thickness of Tablet (mm) 6
Turret Speed 20-40/min
Motor 2.2kw,960r/min,380 v /50/hz
Overall Dimension(mm) 800×750×1600 mm
Net Weight (Kg) 560