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Zp-17 GMP Standard Rotary Tablet Press Machine

This machine is suitable for pressing various kinds of granular materials into round tablet or different geometrical
shape tablets, specially for small-scale batch production.


  1. Made of stainless steel, the housing is fully closed. The surface of the rotary turret is covered with a hardened
    layer so the turret surface is wear resistant. The machine conforms to GMP requirement.
  2. Adopt transparent windows, tableting state can be observed clearly. The windows can be opened, cleaning and
    maintenance is easy.
  3. All the drive devices are located inside the machine so keep the machine clean.
  4. The machine can stop automatically in case of over pressure.
  5. With pre-pressure roller, extending the pressing time and making good quality tablets.
  6. Force feeder is optional.

Technical Specifications:

Model ZP17
Number of Stations 17
Max Main Pressure (KN) 50
Max Pre-pressure (KN) 10
Max Tablet Diameter
(mm) round tablet 20
irregular tablet 22
Max Filling Depth (mm) 15
Max Tablet Thickness (mm) 6
Max Turret Speed (r/min) 40
Max Production Capacity (pcs/h) 40800
Motor Power (kw) 2.2
Overall Size (mm) 950×770×1740
Machine Weight (kg) 900