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Tablet Design

From more than 35 years in this field, our experience has led us tin Tablet Design Services. Our teams not only considering the current problems in producing the tablet of different shapes but considering all the outcomes of it in future as well. That why we provide our valuable clients not with the simple design of the tablet but with the complete design solutions for their smooth operations and to prevent them from further problems.

There are different Design Variables that we must consider while designing the shape and design of the tablets. More than any other solid dosage form, the tablet offers freedom with a wide range of design variables such as:

Shape of the Tablet itself:

Both the basic shape produced by the tablet die and the three dimensional form of the tablet face.


Produced by the conventional sugar coated, film coated or self-coated.


There is the area with the most flexibility and consists in the main of:

Logos and Symbols


Identification Codes


Any combination of these features can be incorporated into a tablet to achieve a desired effect, but the nature of tablets and their manufacturing must be considered. A balance between complexity of design and ease of manufacture – for both tablets, and punches and dies – must be achieved.

Also it is important to consider the whole range of tablets if a consistent image is to be achieved, what may be acceptable on a large tablet may be impractical on a very small tablet in the same range.

It is fair to say that the more complicated tablet design becomes, the more associated problems of production increases, but with careful choice of shape and detail a highly satisfactory compromise can be achieved.