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Training & Courses

Our training program covers 3 important areas.

  • Training of our Newly Recruited Machine Operators
  • Technical Courses for our tablet designing Engineers
  • Giving our customers valuable knowledge about different problems

The first session covers the proper training of our newly recruited machine operators. As to give them proper knowledge about the machines they will suppose to operate.

The second session covers the training of our tablet designing engineers by allotting different courses to them as to give them knowledge about tablet design requirements that includes punch cup form and embossing details.

These tablet design requirements include:

  • Convexity of the punch
  • Flat Beveled Edge Details
  • Inside Corners
  • Counters
  • Distortion
  • Area Available
  • Embossing
  • Locking

The third session of the module completely deals with our valuable clients. Different meeting are held as to give them information on different issues in tabletting process. The main purpose of these meetings is to give the knowledge of different cause of problem that they may face and their solution so that they will keep safe from those problem in future. This session mainly covers the process limitations that include proper background of the problem like:

  • Capping
  • Breakage
  • Picking
  • Ejection

All these limiting factors are related to the material being compressed and are often only discovered during pre-production compression trials. All these limitation discovered at this stage could be a cause of difficulties in production if they are not carefully considered in the early stages. That is why before going ahead to the designing phase of the tablet these all limitations are considered first in the meeting with clients as well as with design engineers too.