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Punches and Dies

We manufacture compression tools for all kinds of Rotary Tablet Press Machines of different companies of which some notable are: Adept, Cadmach, Fette, Hata, Kikisui, Killian, Korshe, Manesty, Sejong, Stokes, ZP Series any and many more. We categorize these tools into following categories: Regular, Irregular, Special Tools for Confectionery & Nutritional, Sealed Groove, Core Rod Punches, Interchangeable Tools Tips, Multi-Tip Tools and Special Shaped Tools.

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Hand Operated Capsule Machine

We Manufactures Hand Operated Capsule Machines for R&D and Small Outputs.

GD-144S (Single Plate Hand Operated Capsule Machine)

GD-144D (Double Plate Hand Operated Capsule Machine)

Beside these two capsule machine we manufacture all mechanical parts of all type of capsule machines (incl. hand operate able capsule machines, semi-auto capsule machines and fully automatic capsule machines) of all origins.

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Rotary Press Replacement Parts

We offer a wide range of more than 20,000 changeable tablet press replacement part of different rotary presses so that our valuable customers can maintain their machine operations smoothly. We assure that our tools provide best and out class performance with higher level of efficiency and effectiveness. Our range covers:
Feed frames and feeder systems
Cam tracks and guides
Pressure rollers, pins and bushes and many more.

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Blister Machine Parts

Glomed Devices offers full range of blister machine change parts for both continuous motion and intermittent blister packaging machines for popular makes and models. We manufacture Blister tooling with all forming materials including PVC, PVDC, COC, ACLAR, Cold from Alu-Foil and Alu to Alu Foil and Tropical Blister machines. We provide change parts suitable for many makes of blister machines, some notables are: Uhlmann, Bosch, Zanasi, Elizabeth, IMA, Klockner, MG2, Sejong, Jiangnan, SJN, CAM, Pam Pac, Elmach, Precision Gear and many more.

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Rotary Tablet Press Machines

Glomed Devices also manufactures complete rotary presses of different models and variable stations. We manufacture 4 types of Machines ZP-17 and ZP-19 Both Normal and GMP Standard. They are applicable to industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic and foodstuff for pressing the powder or granular materials into tablets automatically in a continuous way. It features advantages such as low waste of materials, reasonable structure, easy operation, compact size, large compression, low noise, small deviation of weight, with the filling depth and thickness of the tablet continuously adjustable and all the functionality indicators reaching the level of the similar imported machines.

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Liquid Filling Machine Parts

Glomed Devices offers a variety of spare, and replacement parts for your filling system. We understand that your bottling/injection equipment is your business let us work with you to keep it running as efficiently as possible.

No part number? No problem, that’s what we are here for. Our experienced, factory trained, technicians will use their, more than, 35 years combined experience to help you find the parts you need to keep your Bottle Filler, Liquid Filling Injection Machine parts, cappers, conveyors, and labelers, running at peak capacity.

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