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ZP-17 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Product Description

Features of ZP 17 rotary tablet press
1. ZP17 rotary tablet press is a powder press machine.
2. Tablet Shape: Oblong shape, round shape, and other special shape tablets by changing the different die and punches. This model machine also could press camphor ball, pill, chemical tablet and the pill for animals.

3. There are 4 Speeds adjustable, and the thickness is adjustable.

4. Overload damage-protected unit is assembled on the machine.
Technical Data of ZP17
Model: ZP17
Dies (Sets): 17
Capacity(PCS/h): 20400-40000
Max. Pressure: 50kn
Max. Dia. Of Tablet: 20mm
Max. Depth of Fill(mm): 15
Max. Thickness of Tablet (mm): 6
Turret Speed: 20-40/min
Motor: 2.2kw 960r/min, 380/50Hz
Overall Dimension(mm): 880*750*1600Net Weight (Kg): 500