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+92 52 3552444

Material of Construction (MOC)

Our site consists of a modern manufacturing and development facility. Using specially developed materials of the highest quality, we combine latest manufacturing process with state of the art Quality Assurance Technology to bring our valuable customers the tooling that delivers outstanding performance.

Machines used for Manufacturing:

  • CNC EDM Wire-cuts
  • Jones Shipmen Leicester England Grinding Units
  • 3D fully Automatic Graphic Machine
  • Machining Centers (Vertical & Horizontal)
  • Milling Machines (Sturdmill)
  • Surface Grinding Unit (Hydraulic and Pen somatic)
  • Fully loaded Lathe Machines (Automatic and Semi-Automatic)
  • Oil Baths
  • Electric Fully Automatic Heat Treatment Machines and Unit (Jam co & Epson)
  • Hardness Testing Machines
  • Pantograph Machines (2D as well as 3D)
  • CNC Engraving Units
  • Drilling Units
  • Polishing Units
  • Laser Stamping Units

We currently have 85 machines involved in the manufacturing of the tools, pharmaceutical machine parts and blister change parts

Beside all these, we believe that our work force is our single most important resource. These machines mean nothing to us without operators, just like the value of the car without a driver. Many of our people have spent most of their working lives in tablet tooling and have developed a unique understanding of how to translate the requirements and the needs of our valuable customers into tools that delivers outstanding performance. We have men at their best in all departments.